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Some things you should know before entering the Chat Room:

  1. This is a World. Its rating is G. That means that this world should be suitable for people of any age: No profanity, sexual discussion or abusive behavior is allowed. Speak as if you are in a room with children in it.
  2. However, no one should allow their children to participate in Web chat sessions alone under any circumstances; it is not safe. Any such participation by minors on LiveUniverse is forbidden.
  3. If it is the first time you log on a LiveUnivere world, then click on New User. If you don't want to register, click on Enter As A Guest.
  4. Don't worry if there's no one in the chatroom.'s advantage is that, when a chatroom opens, people in other chatrooms can see that someone is there, so you will not be alone for long.