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Thunderstrike Thunderstrike: He is Kevin Masterson, the son of the late Eric Masterson, the original Thundersrike. Originaly a Captain America fan, he became a Thor fan when the latter saved his father, while he was fighting against Mongoose in the construction site where Eric worked as an architect. Eric Masterson evantualy merged with Thor, and later became a new version of Thor himself when the original Thor was banished by Heimdall for the killing of Loki.

When Thor retutned, Odin constructed a mace from Uru, the metal Mjonlir (Thor's hammer) was constructed with. Odin named the mace Thunderstrike, and gave it to Eric. Eric adopted the name of the Mace and became Thunderstrike himself.

Eric died in a spiritual fight with Bloodaxe, a villain who gained the powers of Scurge the Executioner, when (s)he held his axe. Everyone, including Kevin himself, thought that the mace was destroyed during this battle, but he was wrong. When he turned 18, Jarvis, the Avengers' buttler, handed him the mace.

The mace was supposed to be useless without for antyone, besides Eric himself. That was obviously wrong, because Loki tried tried to get posession of the mace. That efford actually was the event that triggered the formation of a new team of Avengers. While in Asgard, Kevin merged with the mace and gained its powers, thus becoming Thunderstrike himself.

Kevin is now trying to walk in his father's shoes, while also studying art in New York.